Self-fulfillment is the realization of your deepest desires & capacities.


"Higher Vibration" we've heard this term

What does it have to do with your self-fulfillment ? 

Synchronization with positivity creates levels of higher vibrational frequency

within and around you!  


We are all vibrating and have the ability to synchronize to higher and lower frequencies.



I work with all those unfulfilled in their life and ready to find their authentic Self Fulfillment! 

Are you READY for inner and outer transformation?

I'm a Empathic Intuitive Transformer.  I use my Assertiveness coaching combined

with Energy Balancing and Ancient Shamanistic Sound Transmissions. 

 We are Beings capable of expansive high vibrational self-fulfillment!   

 In synchronizing your systems you maintain higher vibrational levels,

providing direct and continued access to living loving personal self fulfillment!

    Joy, health, ecstatic states and peaceful calm are our natural states of  being!   

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is synching the mind, energy fields and physical body together?

It begins with becoming aware, finding grounding in the physical body, to feel, activate and move into recognizing your subtle energetic fields.  From there guiding you to harmonize them with your positive thinking, this brings you altogether ~ synchronized. 

How does positivity work with synchronizing ?  When thinking in negative ways we have the feelings arise of fear, insecurity, lack, no self worth to name a few.  In shifting your inner dialog to neutrality and positivity your vibrational frequency raises, allowing ease of connection to synchronize.    

*All sessions are all done through phone conversation & Zoom calls at this time.                                          


          One Hour Complimentary: 

"Self-Fulfillment Breakthrough Session"

(Session Time is 40min., plus time for introduction and any pre session questions you may have, plus 10 minutes for ending questions and closure).















  "I found Daya's warm presence to be nourishing and nudges inspiring.  I felt she could clearly see the best in me and was deeply effective in guiding me to see what I truly needed for myself."

  P. Lynam 

  "After one session with Daya I really was amazed at how much better I felt,

when I was feeling so low and didn't think there was anything that could be said to feel better. 

You are amazing!!"

    J. Hill


  "The most valuable for me was realizing the importance of self-care. 

The reminder to be kind to myself, with real practical examples of how to do that was really helpful."

   S. Armstrong


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