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How I Work With Clients 

Are you someone who feels successful everywhere except in your personal relationships?  Is this the challenge you find yourself in?  If so I've designed this especially for you.


            Three Month Coaching Package



 ​  This package offers you the opportunity to:

  • Begin shifting old habits and patterns that keep you stuck and unfulfilled.

  • Build positive strategies for creating the personal self fulfillment you are seeking.

  • Start maximizing action steps that move you onto your pathway of fulfillment.

  • Stay grounded with ongoing support and guidance.

  • Understand exactly how to access the path to your self-fulfillment. 



  • Two 50-minute private coaching sessions each month:  Provides core support and guidance to discovery and breakthroughs.    

  • Personalized weekly "Action Plan" assignments:  Supports staying clearly focused ahead and following through.


  • Two 15-minute monthly e-mail responses to urgent questions: Helps keep you on track when you most need it.


       Remarkable Experience Options:

       One each month  ($290.00 value)

  • 1st month: Aromatherapy Session, incorporated into your coaching session.

  • 2nd month: 30-Minute Bach Flower consultation.

  • 3rd month: 20-Minute Intuitive reading.

  *Outdoor Coaching Sessions available locally  


        Pathway To



                  Six Month Premium Package



    After completing this package you will:

  • Gain clarity about the kind of fulfillment you really want.

  • Know the essential building blocks for creating the fulfillment of your dreams.

  • Clear what is holding you back in your personal relationships from self fulfillment.

  • Embody new habits and patterns that build your authentic self-fulfillment.

  • Begin moving into the fulfillment you long for.

  • Complete this powerful package with the keys to embracing your self-fulfillment.


  • An Initial Deep Dive One-Hour Assessment Session:  Gives insight into what's keeping you from the fulfillment you want.  

  • Three 50-Minute Private Coaching Sessions per month:  The core guidance and support time needed to embrace the keys to finding self-fulfillment .

  • Five 15-Minute "On Demand" Phone Coaching Sessions: To give you the extra support you need when feeling stuck.  

  • Post-Session E-mail Re-cap Per Session:  To reflect and solidly set each weeks foundation.



      Charge Yourself Up For Fulfillment:

      Self Love: Two 90-minute Sessions ($540.00 value)

  • Explore what you love or loved doing most with your personal time.  

  • Create a list of all your current daily activities and routines.

  • Take a deep dive into your definition of self love. 

  • Establishing three cherished daily self-care rituals that fit into your unique lifestyle.  

  •  Begin a support journal to deepen your self-love and keep you on track with the self fulfillment you long for!