Do you feel a deep longing for more fulfillment? 

       If so, I've designed these programs for you!





 ​  This three month package offers you the       opportunity to dive into:

  • Shifting old habits and patterns that keep you stuck and unfulfilled.

  • Building positive strategies for creating the personal self fulfillment you are seeking.

  • Start maximizing action steps that move you onto your path of fulfillment.

  • Staying grounded with ongoing support tools and guidance.

  • Understanding exactly how to access your path to self-fulfillment. 



  • Three 50-minute (each with 10 minute closing recap) private coaching sessions per month:  Provides deep support and guidance to discoveries and breakthroughs.    

  • Personalized weekly "Action Plan" assignments:  Supports staying clearly focused ahead, taking action and following through.


  • Two 15-minute e-mail responses per month to urgent questions: Keeps you on track when you most need

  • 3 Month Coaching Package: $1377.00

      *BONUS GIFT:

       Remarkable Experience Options:

       One per month  ($290.00 value)

  • 1st month: Aromatherapy Session, incorporated into your 1st three coaching sessions.

  • 2nd month: 45-Minute Bach Flower consultation.

  • 3rd month:  Choice of one: 

  • Option 1: Intuitive Energy Reading.

  • Option 2: Sound Healing Session.

        ( 30-Minute sessions).


MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES: Active meditation Zoom call with Gong fu tea ceremony,


        Pathway To







         After completing this six month package:          

  • You will gain clarity about the kind of fulfillment you really want.

  • Know the essential building blocks for creating the fulfillment of your dreams.

  • Clear what is holding you back in your personal relationships from self fulfillment.

  • Embody new habits and patterns that build your authentic self-fulfillment.

  • Begin moving into the fulfillment you long for.

  • Complete this powerful package with the keys to embodying your self-fulfillment.


  • An Initial Deep Dive: 60-minute Assessment Session:  Gives insight into what's keeping you from the fulfillment you want.  

  • Three 90-Minute Private Coaching Sessions per month:  The core guidance and support time needed to embrace the keys to finding self-fulfillment .

  • Five 15-Minute "On Demand" Phone Coaching Sessions: To give you the extra support you need when feeling stuck.  

  • Post-Session E-mail Re-cap Per Session:  To reflect and solidly set each weeks foundation.

  •   Six Month Premium Package:  $2470.00


      *BONUS GIFT:         

      Charge Yourself Up For Fulfillment:

                  Initiate More Self Love: 

     Contains Two 90-Minute Sessions ($540.00 value)

  • #1 Exploring what you love or loved doing most with your personal time.  

  • #2 Creating a list of all your current daily activities and routines & deep dive into your definition of self love, to: 

  • #3 Establish three to five cherished daily self-care rituals that fit your current lifestyle.  

  • #4 Begin by creating your personal support system, of journaling.  Delving into authentic self-love to keep you on track building your foundation of self fulfillment! 




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