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Why Choose Assertiveness Coaching?

In the next few blogs posts I'll be focusing on the following: Why would I choose Assertiveness Coaching with Daya? And...What is this style of coaching all about? I'm starting with the why choose me as your coach question first. My truth is, I feel there can be the assumption made that just because we (meaning professionals in a field of expertise) have taken trainings and received pieces of paper certifying it, that that is all that's needed and here I am, hmmm. This may be somewhat bias on my part, so be it. I'm giving you a peek at my lives (I say that because I've lived so many in this one lifetime) and situations, with the intention of offering more information about me so you can

How Can I Take Action When Fearful?

Are you standing in the moment, knowing it has arrived and you can't ignore disempowering patterns being in your life any longer ? Patterns that have hung on, patterns that keep you from fully embodying your authentic self and living out your most favorite life experiences? The life where your hopes and awesome wishes can become real. Are you co-existing with the same old disempowering beliefs that repeatedly disable? Right now, do these two things: 1. Sit back, look at the image above and notice you're breathing. Now take one minute and just breath, yes take sixty seconds, it is a long time. 2. Now take notice of how your body is feeling physically and name the emotion that is most domina

Life Is An Entire Series Of...?

First things first! Hi, how are you? Welcome to Centered Empowerment's first blog! I'd like to begin by asking you about the title, Life Is An Entire Series Of...? I'm wondering, did your thoughts immediately finish the sentence with one of those old sayings about life being full of disappointments or a string of seemingly never ending mistakes? Well that's ok, and it just isn't true, unless that is, you're the type enjoying that style of living, then have it your way! Truly though our lives are a series of experiences, which gratefully we have the freedom, (free will) to determine how we'll manage each and every one, Yay! From the smallest of moments to the daunting epic tragedies. Howeve



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