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Being Assertive vs Aggressive & 5 How To's

There are distinct differences between being assertive verses being aggressive. I decided to look for examples from the animal kingdom and started browsing through photos. Just by looking at these two, you can see the dramatic difference. In fact, dogs are notoriously assertive and this little one's doing a premium job of asserting its momentary freedom at the beach. Also it's well documented that crocodiles are one of the most aggressive amongst the animal kingdom. What are some of the how to's of being assertive? As human beings we live by the rules we form, and call this a society. We also carry many learned behaviors , and aggressive behavior is one of them. Some argue that aggres

Assertiveness Plus Empowerment In 2018?

Assertiveness and empowerment in 2018, ABSOLUTELY! I'm very excited about this new year. What an empowering feeling it is to be right on track! I've been having these moments lately, you know, when your intuition speaks, you listen and next thing you're seeing, reading and hearing others talking about the same intuitive thoughts and feelings you've been having. This is why I'm so excited to share it with you and get you going strong, as we head right into 2018! I'm hearing it from many other sources as well, empowerment is happening, are you feeling it? As promised in the last blog, I'm giving you more insight and information about me and what Assertiveness Coaching is all about. Self c



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