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Is Assertiveness All About Discernment, Or Judgement?

The difference between discernment and judgment can be tricky when just starting out, because there's a crossing-over between the two by definition. The difference here is that judgements come directly from the mind which boxes everything into categories of good and bad. Discernment does contain "judgement" though, in the sense that it comes from our innate inner wisdom based in total objectivity. Accessing your innate inner wisdom engages an alternate skill set, and one of the amazing skills is discernment. Working with discernment requires a focusing inward and connecting with your innate wisdom, instead of working from the outside with perceptions and acquired judgments. We know it isn

5 Minutes Of Meditative Beauty!

5 Assertive Reasons To Do This Daily: 1. Yes you can, do self care in just 5 minutes (this means you can do it many times in your busy day)! 2. You always deserve it! 3. Done with full focus you will feel renewed! 4. Nature being number one in the tranquility department costs nothing, and is always available. 5. Being kind and caring to yourself helps others! Share this with your friends, family and colleagues. *Bonus Exercise: Pass this along to those you have difficulty with. Send in your comments or surprising outcomes. Enjoy, Daya



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