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Devitalized? It's Your Habits & Patterns

Do you feel under-valued in your professional career? Is there the internal struggle of feeling unable to clearly voice what you want? Would you love being the voice of authority and get the results you want? Have you thought about getting the support and tools to change this, but just don't act on it? These are devitalizing habits and patterns. Change your habits; change your life. See your patterns for what they are. Being a high-caliber professional woman, you know habits are not serving you and you are also well aware of how they wreak havoc with your self image, income, and lifestyle choices. To believe in any way that, not speaking up with your needs and wants, somehow makes you a bet

Red Flags and Relationship Deal Breakers

As promised in last the blog, Connecting The Dots Of Assertiveness Coaching, this is a more in depth post on our physical body's way of warning us, and what Deal Breakers are all about. Did you realize your body has the incredible capability of being a highly sensitive meter, that works to help you avoid crisis situations in the relationship department? The problem is we don't know or do not connect with the messages/signals it provides. We either ignore them, or associate them as coincidental, or sometimes even a good thing! For instance, the butterflies in the stomach or the light headed feeling you get when meeting someone for the first time, these are NOT necessarily positive. Actual



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