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Life Is An Entire Series Of...?

First things first! Hi, how are you?

Welcome to Centered Empowerment's first blog!

I'd like to begin by asking you about the title, Life Is An Entire Series Of...?

I'm wondering, did your thoughts immediately finish the sentence with one of those old sayings about life being full of disappointments or a string of seemingly never ending mistakes?

Well that's ok, and it just isn't true, unless that is, you're the type enjoying that style of living, then have it your way!

Truly though our lives are a series of experiences, which gratefully we have the freedom, (free will) to determine how we'll manage each and every one, Yay! From the smallest of moments to the daunting epic tragedies. However we do not have the freedom to decide which experiences we will take and which ones we won't.

Experiences run the gamut of infinite possibility, they are our life, and a massive part of operating through them is to use communication, really communicating with one another!

Take the words above, disappointment and mistake. Both of these leave us with feelings, usually of the unsettling type and often leave a lingering negative imprint as well. Take disappointment, we never really want to disappoint others and we desperately want to avoid being disappointed, by ourselves or by others.

Let there be a change now, bam!!! Would you like that? Great! Right now, be willing to entertain what I call flipping perspectives. You're going to start flipping your perspectives, the what's that and how-to will follow shortly.

Let's take a little detour and come right back around

first. I'm giving you a practice run at your perspective flipping, a little warmup before you fly, read on!

A very wise person said that mistakes are simply something we have misperceived, they are miss-takes. In other words you have a misperception, like maybe about our president just as an example, ok off topic, read what the wise person said again please.

So yes, misperceptions happen often, both the large and small ones, not really such a big deal. We are alright with a misperceptions, everyone does it and we're pretty understanding when these moments occur. Why? Because for the most part we own it, "Oops I thought.....x was z". Yet make the dreaded "mistake" and suddenly everything goes south. The change needed here is to, flip your perspective!

THE THREE TOOLS: Every time you think you've made the terrible dreaded mistake,

1. Own it as a misperception, you are thereby flipping it from mistake to something you misperceived, and

2. State it as a misperception either silently to yourself or aloud, depending on the situation and whats needed, and

3. Deal with your misperception choosing a positive replacement perspective to remedy your experience.

Are you willing to give these tools the opportunity to provide you with a new positive empowered position, aka: PEP? Then use flipping REPEATEDLY, this is key! From here your perspectives are positively flipping, resulting in positive outcomes you co-create.

Now flip your perspectives in each and every one of your disempowering experience moments and epics, choose a PEP every time!