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How Can I Take Action When Fearful?

Are you standing in the moment, knowing it has arrived and you can't ignore disempowering patterns being in your life any longer ? Patterns that have hung on, patterns that keep you from fully embodying your authentic self and living out your most favorite life experiences? The life where your hopes and awesome wishes can become real. Are you co-existing with the same old disempowering beliefs that repeatedly disable?

Right now, do these two things:

1. Sit back, look at the image above and notice you're breathing. Now take one minute and just breath, yes take sixty seconds, it is a long time.

2. Now take notice of how your body is feeling physically and name the emotion that is most dominate. If you feel generally uncomfortable physically and fear is the emotion READ ON!

Seriously consider this, foremost we are emotional beings and unfortunately we are often carried off by our emotions, allowing them to run all sorts of crazy interior dialogs that create misperceived difficulties and stumbling blocks.

I'd like to give you a simple tool to work with when emotions cause misdirected emotional states such as fear, grief, anger, sadness etc...


Once you do this you can begin to take some balanced, centered control. Remember you are the driver not the emotion (even though it seems that way). Feel the emotion you are in and begin an inner dialogue. Taking the stand of objectivity, this will allow you to make positive actions anyway. It will take practice, very worth it, and it will accommodate you in reaching beyond a powerful emotion.

I'm going to say, that right now in truth you are not facing an immediate seriously life threatening reason to feel the emotion of fear we all dearly hang on to. Lets start redirecting this bad boy, by "flipping" our perspective! If you don't know about flipping, read through my first blog post.

Now, that you have begun flipping your misperceptions I also want to provide information in the form of comfort food.

Being more assertive, learning the tools to support your moving into positive action and fearless authenticity requires support and guidance. I understand you may feel uneasy about reaching out and I would like to build a bridge by reminding you that you have the courage to stretch out your hand in a gesture of asking for that guidance and support! Why? Because you've made it through your life this far and you're still seeking, you're still getting back up and trying again!!!

There is no fast track to changing disempowering patterns and habits that took years to develop. Shifting into new pathways of positive assertiveness takes time too. The picture for this post above represents all the loving kindness, support and guidance available when you take the risk. Reach out for what you need to become self empowered!