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Why Choose Assertiveness Coaching?

In the next few blogs posts I'll be focusing on the following: Why would I choose Assertiveness Coaching with Daya? And...What is this style of coaching all about?

I'm starting with the why choose me as your coach question first. My truth is, I feel there can be the assumption made that just because we (meaning professionals in a field of expertise) have taken trainings and received pieces of paper certifying it, that that is all that's needed and here I am, hmmm. This may be somewhat bias on my part, so be it.

I'm giving you a peek at my lives (I say that because I've lived so many in this one lifetime) and situations, with the intention of offering more information about me so you can make an informed choice. I'll continue on with this in my next couple posts, along with the answer to the other question.

Being a diplomatic type, I take people at face value and did for many years, finally learning that it wasn't the best idea. I could break this all down into bullet points of do and don'ts but that would be boring, so on with some of my personal story!

I married twice, have two children 5 1/2yrs apart, raised them as a single parent, traveled and lived throughout the U.S., Europe and New Zealand for over 11 years.

My life experiences have been my GREATEST teacher and I've learned A LOT from them! It was far from easy, romantic, or luxurious. I was not "rich" nor "highly successful". I was on my own, outside my comfort zone and often outside my language zone. I got sick, I got well. Going through all of the experiences I began developing my skill sets, and understanding my talents and gifts as a healer, teacher/coach, entrepreneur and artist/actress.

This is why, in part, you may greatly benefit and want to take advantage of having me as your coach.

My goal is to guide you to firmly grasp hold of what is already you, the best you and support your journey to aspire assertively into becoming your most cherished and positively motivated self!