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Assertiveness Plus Empowerment In 2018?

Assertiveness and empowerment in 2018, ABSOLUTELY! I'm very excited about this new year. What an empowering feeling it is to be right on track! I've been having these moments lately, you know, when your intuition speaks, you listen and next thing you're seeing, reading and hearing others talking about the same intuitive thoughts and feelings you've been having. This is why I'm so excited to share it with you and get you going strong, as we head right into 2018! I'm hearing it from many other sources as well, empowerment is happening, are you feeling it?

As promised in the last blog, I'm giving you more insight and information about me and what Assertiveness Coaching is all about.

Self care, lets dive in here first, it's one of my favorites! Also self care is a paramount piece of assertiveness coaching.

My last blog post was on Dec. 20th, now, after close to a month off, being in holiday mode and enjoying all of what it means to me; playing with and being a part of my first grandchild's first Christmas, relaxing, baking, eating and celebrating! I feel happily ready to start back and get to the business of supporting you to get to where you want to be from where you are now.

Why is self care paramount? Because when you indulge in the well deserved self care we all need, this resting actually becomes an action move, you build momentum. This momentum begins to take you from where you are, toward where you really want to be.

Yes it does take assertiveness coaching, it also takes you feeling you are deserving of it. You do deserve self care, it is the impetus.

This new year make the commitment to assertiveness coaching with me. Make the six month commitment that provides you with the tools of motivation, for you to build the courage to speak your needs and desires with fearless assertive positivity!

Speaking up, sharing our needs and desires is one big step. In these moments we can become shrouded by feelings of disempowerment and fear. Fears that speaking our truth will bring up, inner and perhaps outer conflict, many variables can arise. Is this familiar?

With me as your solid support system, along with time tested tools for you, you'll begin living your ultimate life. Finding yourself surrounded by supportive friends, new beginnings, the livelihood you've always wanted and more. Stop compromising and don't play small anymore, for 2018 take a chance on you!

My background in the following modalities: Yoga Therapy, EMF Balancing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies and Homeopathy, are wonderful additions for you, along side the support system and tools of assertiveness coaching. This combination gives maximum assistance for transforming disempowering beliefs and habits, into speaking up with positivity and living in authenticity.

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