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Being Assertive vs Aggressive & 5 How To's

tiny dog on beach & crocodile

There are distinct differences between being assertive verses being aggressive. I decided to look for examples from the animal kingdom and started browsing through photos. Just by looking at these two, you can see the dramatic difference. In fact, dogs are notoriously assertive and this little one's doing a premium job of asserting its momentary freedom at the beach. Also it's well documented that crocodiles are one of the most aggressive amongst the animal kingdom.

What are some of the how to's of being assertive? As human beings we live by the rules we form, and call this a society. We also carry many learned behaviors , and aggressive behavior is one of them. Some argue that aggression is part and parcel of what we are all made of. This has been a long standing and very persuasive tactic, none the less it is incorrect. In our virgin nature we are benevolent, it is due to our parental upbringing or lack of it that teaches us traits, levels and degrees of aggressive behavior.

If we truly wish to exist in a world of mutual respect, equality and caring we have to build the foundation first from within ourselves. Putting the debate aside let's step up to the plate and grow up. Individually empowering ourselves positively and assertively is optimal. Take this proactive step that creates inner and ultimately outer harmony.

Please read through the Five How To's below:

1. Always add the word positive in conjunction with assertiveness.

2."Positive Assertiveness" is a learned skill.

3. Always have respect for every individual and situation.

4. Always show self confidence coming from legitimate need.

5. Always strive to work collaboratively and listen in order to reach a balanced outcome.

These tips are for you to begin today! Apply them in every one of your encounters.

Send in your feedback on how you used them and produced a positive outcome.

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