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Connect The Dots Of Assertiveness Coaching........

Assertiveness Coaching is your launching pad, lets connect the dots!

Learning any skill requires the help and direction of a learned professional, it also requires a strong desire coming from the student. Depending on your motivation level, you can use the skills of assertiveness as your spring board or launching pad.

Together we will build up your self esteem, confidence, and receptivity (in other words, feelings of inner strength, empowerment and self-care). Also assertiveness coaching helps the brain set up new pathways, creating new habits and canceling out old negative dysfunctional patterning. You have subscribed and are reading the blogs, so by now you are definitely gaining insights into how to affect the most positive outcomes.

Enter into assertiveness coaching first before blindly flying into a full fledged, "I'm taking off and changing everything" random act. Why? Because you're heading into uncharted territory.

In first learning the skills and integrating the tools of assertiveness, you are engaging fully in reconstructing

your habits of disempowerment, changing your inner landscape. Assertiveness coaching gives you road maps, supplies and provides proper transportation.

Is this an absolute first necessity? Yes! Otherwise you become lost (very lost), random acts are just that, random; and even though you feel you have to act, feel you can't stay where you are, slow down! In slowing down you have everything to gain!

Take the first required action. Focus is on your inner change, learn how to create your positive empowered response to every situation.

With assertiveness coaching as your launching pad you will come into alignment first, then you will develop new strategies coming from all your positive ways of responding. You will notice many new insights and you will embrace new understandings.

Do All or Some of These Statements Ring True?

  • I'm tired of being known as: The Rescuer, People Pleaser, Guilt-Taker/Guilt-Giver, Anger-holic, Busybody, One-Sider, Interrupter

  • I now want to replace relationship-depleting behaviors with inner strength and empowering behaviors.

  • Right now I want to begin learning what red flags are and relationship deal breakers.

  • I can hardly even remember my authentic self.

Committing now to navigating in completely new, empowering and positive ways, readies you to learn and change much faster. Assertiveness Coaching is your Launching Pad, and I will safely guide and support you to your next step of beginning your premier life ASAP!

BONUS TIP: In the last blog I said I would provide some of the physical body's warning signs or RED FLAGS.

Below are three for you. *Instructions: Use this right away, as soon as you notice yourself feeling you are in a difficult or unsafe interaction with others:

*Focus, ground your feet right into the floor, tune into your body, ask: How do I really feel right now? Feel for the following signals, listen too.

Physical Body's Red Flags:

  1. Feeling tightness, where is it; stomach, hands chest area?

  2. Feeling your throat is constricted, or your voice is shrinking?

  3. Feeling you desperately want to bolt or get away?

These are some of the bodies Red Flag signals.

Never ignore your body's messages, they are vital information in developing your healthy personal boundaries.