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Bubble Perspective & Joy!

With bubble perspective our inner child will begin to trust and support us more and more!

First some synonyms of perspective gone south, then a great little story, followed by guidelines to get you back to your joy.

Your outlook, point of view, frame of mind, way of looking, attitude, these are some of the many synonyms for perspective.

The Story,

Once there was a little girl who loved bubbles, fireworks, confetti, those were some of her favorite things. Oh yes, she also thought flowers, trees and puppies were the best! Until one day, she went to a party and when she arrived to her delight all of her most favorite things were there! Puppies playing, oodles of flowers and trees decorated the area, along with a never ending flow of translucent bubbles. All afternoon and into the evening, confetti streamed down and for the climax of the party, a beautiful display of fireworks, she was overcome with joy! Right then of course, she remembered she had to be home and she was late. So, she thought, I'll just run all the way back home while the fireworks are still happening to light my way. But she didn't arrive back home the same as before she had left for the party earlier that day.

Did that have a familiar ring to it? Have you ever been feeling just fine, you wake up feeling really wonderful and the next thing you know it's gone! WHAT happened?! And you don't even want to try thinking of your favorite things, happy thoughts or maybe some positive affirmations, because you simply can't!

Now everything has suddenly shifted, you don't know where you're at or how to get back to feeling the wonderful.

Up side, you're not alone, this happens pretty much daily by degrees, actually multiple times in a day.

What is it? It's complex and significantly it's about perspective. Perspectives gone south are super sly, they can be sneaky, they are stealthy, they come in under the radar and infiltrate.

What to do? An especially important question to ask if it happens in the workplace, as a result of interpersonal relationships.

If this is ongoing in your life, you know what, it's an inner game, it's time to shift from struggle to neutral, then move towards finding wonderful again.

A Few Guidelines To Quickly Get Back To Your Joy:

  • Realize you are in charge of this, begin immediately reminding yourself.

  • BUBBLES, I highly recommend carrying the real thing with you, Not an app.!

  • Now the Joy Begins! Take a break, go blow bubbles for 3 to 5 minutes.

Be creative go in the lounge, bathroom, outside, lunch room etc... Get your joy on!

Of course this isn't going to solve the bigger issues, (read the blog on flipping perspectives for more support)

however, this is going to pop you right back into your happy, which will definitely be bringing in essential feelings of joy. Adult Bubble Blowing Therapy; IT'S TIME!