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Who's In Charge? LIFE!

So, what'cha gonna do about it? Here's a tidbit for you.

"There isn't a way things should be. There's just what happens, and what we do." -Terry Pratchett

Let go and let life! This is the most difficult, yet most important thing we can strive to do, to create our individual empowerment.

We learn from the get go, how to spend our life's time trying to control and manipulate circumstances to (grrrr) MAKE our life story!! Unfortunately this isn't the way to owning our power, or to living our unique life story, by far.

Take a moment to focus in on the natural world as your mirror, it always gives you the real truth.

It's all a matter of absolute trust, know that Life has your back no matter what, let it be your GPS, it always has your back, guaranteed! Even though we have no way of knowing what our life story is, and yes, that is super scary. Looking at these pictures, you undoubtedly see the dahlias, the streaming rays of sunlight, the outrageous curvy trees, they also had no way of knowing their story. They didn't know what their outcome would be, or how their individual life would play out, Nature always goes with life! And brilliantly each and every part obtains its own magnificent

unfolding, at each and every turn.

You know, there comes a point, when we realize this, and deeply regret missing out on totally trusting Life. On trusting it to show us the ways we can be our most powerful self, in order to find out our highest potential, and thereby live out our TLS - True Life Story.

For the most part we bob and weave along, confused and thrown around by our emotions. We try our best, yet, we duck, block, and cover up our intuitions, so sabotaging the courage to let Life fully show each of us our ultimate

fantastic story!

And... so, what'cha gonna do?

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