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Professional Has Fabulously Different Identities

It's my personal commitment to work with professional women who feel dissatisfied in their personal lives. I help you find the fulfillment you long for in your personal relationships.

Let's talk about classically "being a professional." Once, a long time ago it represented a very specific look, a business look and related to select job positions. My use of the word professional is all about something that applies to every woman. We are all professionals in our own unique and individual ways, with diverse areas of expertise.

Our categories are boundless! They can range from being the simpler things, like potting plants, hobbies, athletics, yoga and slack-lining as examples and many other greatly talent filled fields, such as crafting or collecting. So many of us are skilled in more than just one discipline as well. A friend of mine, prides herself on being a professional ice cream taster, she's created a whole repertoire around it, I'm definitely going to aspire to this! Personally, I don't want to just eat ice cream, I want lots of different flavors to create something special around how the tasting is presented and carried out.

Professional at its core, by definition, is all about having experience and skill. All of us develop skills, we all have experiences, and the ones we personally find to be most inspiring, are exactly the ones that bring out the most professional aspects in us and in so doing, the best versions of ourselves!

Have you forgotten about your favorite inspiring skills?

Can you name some?

Did you push them aside thinking, "I'm not a professional."

How's that been working for you? Do you feel emptiness, like something important is being dismissed or perhaps overlooked?

If this is true for you, you are living life in a place of personal disempowerment.

This short Imagination Exercise below will give you a taste of feeling what can transpire for you permanently.

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Building up your confidence level also builds highly desirable personal relationships!

Confidence Builder Exercise:

*Clear a space of 25 minutes, find a quiet place, just relax for (3 min.) then begin:

*Feel into your current emotions. Set them aside. (4-5 min.)

*Begin to imagine positive confidence more and more. (4 min.)

*Attach this confidence to your favorite personal skills and experience. (3-4 min.)

*Claim these skills to be your professions. (2 min.)

*Now deeply feel into truly believing in yourself and all the skills you've developed through the experiences of your life. Now own this everyday! (6 min.)

You are a professional, that's exactly what you are!