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Connecting Builds Fulfillment

I tried watching this romcom the other day called The Laws of Thermodynamics. Got through maybe the first 10 minutes because, it had subtitles! I have to be really in the mood for them and I wasn't, but those first 10 minutes were really interesting in regards to the topic of connecting with others and personal fulfillment. There is some brilliant science on the laws of energy and us, as you may already know.

We human beings are living breathing energy systems, vibrating at different frequency levels, depending on how well tuned our physical and emotional states are operating. And our frequency wavers up and down - higher to lower (yes it's true I'm a nerd when it comes to science, I love it)! I also love linking our emotional and spiritual aspects with the scientific aspects of us.

Here we go: let's look at some of the reasons why we don't find the ultimate fulfillment we long for.

It's about believing that having our aspirations, desires, and dreams come true, are the only things that will bring us total fulfillment. These three biggies hold so much power and have such a strong pull on us, that we are constantly seeking them to gain this sense of total fulfillment, we even lose ourselves in the process.

when actually the feeling of fulfillment we are seeking, lives within the deeper levels of connecting with others.


Because it's only through connecting with others that we encounter ourselves. We become very self aware while in the presence of others.

What starts happening when we reach out to connect with others?

Right away our vibrational frequency starts exchanging with theirs. Interacting with others in healthy, positive ways boosts all that is vital for our state of wellbeing and we experience immediate feelings of support, safety, understanding, validation, empathy and appreciation. Our stress levels drop and our frequency levels go up. To realize how significance it is, ponder this: Truly if we interacted with the positives 90% of the time, instead of the other way around, we would not become ill. Illnesses would become a thing of the past! When our frequency is constantly at high levels there is no sickness of any kind that can survive.

Why is it true that connecting builds fulfillment? Because we are social creatures with feeling and emotion, seeking to experience connection through exactly these two things, feeling and emotion. It fills us with a peak sense of wholeness and fulfillment.

It's only through the shared sense of real connection with others that we remember, we are not separate and alone in the world.

Remember too, these deeper levels of connecting are not about judgements, ideals, categories or boxes we've mindfully designed to fit what we think will bring us fulfillment.

Even though we are separated by being in bodies, our energy system/field emanates far beyond it, like steam wafting through the air.

Something to Try Often:

The next person who comes into your awareness physically (instead of busily passing them by) take two seconds, no more no less, make eye contact and mentally acknowledge their existence.

Do this more and more without any judgements or ideals, perhaps without even considering their gender.

I'd Love to hear from you, please share experiences in the comments below.