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More Money And The Sacred Side Of Everything

FULFILLMENT vs MONEY, which one will bring authentic happiness?

The other day I heard two people talking about money as they passed by on their morning dog walk (which was a really long walk, by the way). I'd forgotten all about it and over an hour later, hearing those same voices I listened closer to what was being discussed, can you guess? Yes they were still talking about money.

2019, a brand new year! Let's start off by talking more about money, actually let's talk about how we make

most everything about money and the effect it has

on our energy, fulfillment and happiness.

Now I live in a small town that has an alternative flair.

I'm out an about most days and invariably within earshot of others personal conversations. Now you might be thinking the conversation would be more about spirituality based topics or numerous other less mainstream subjects, not so much. Perhaps I'm tuning in just at the right moment to hear the money topic, but it does appear that conversation in one form or another is somehow focused on money. When "how much is it or what's the cost?" doesn't enter in during that short span of time I'm eavesdropping, it's a rare surprise.

It's my opinion that we've beaten the money subject to death! Across the board we consider most everything in terms of having a price point, (which it does) automatically placing a value to it based on a dollar amount. Would you agree this is pretty much how it goes?

Discussing money is stressful in the best of moments! Yet at large our days are filled comparison shopping and then talking about it, the deal we got, what we spent, thoughts about it all. Note, this is extremely energetically depleting and so prevalent it's an automatic response system!

TIP: Change and create feelings of energetic self-fulfillment! (more tips below)

Start now with perspective changing, (perspective changes create the beginnings of feeling fulfillment).

We know it's an extreme drain on us to go through the day calculating everything into dollars and cents! You do have another option!

Shifting or Flipping your perception over to how your truly feeling.

Ask yourself this question:

Is there something valuable here being overlooked?

There is!

As women we are deeply intuitive by nature, deeply knowing there is much more to life than just our physical reality, which relates to ALL things. In every situation, all experiences, the people we know, meet, come into contact with, our spaces, all places, objects etc... What is it?

It is the SACRED SIDE of everything!

Are we marking out our life's time not by hours and minutes but in dollars and cents.

In making the choice of self-fulfillment, (a very sacred thing) over money, here are two questions to ask:

1. What changes can I make with the choices I have?

2. How do I shift myself out of this ingrained habit?

This should begin crystalizing more clearly.

Take this opportunity, place your attention and personal awareness on all your choices, we all have the ability to make and create!

Remember We are the Sacred Side of Everything!


*SAYING YES to being dedicated to thriving in our true sovereign goddess state of self-fulfillment!

This is the time ladies, we are officially out of the old paradigm closet!

*Stand up fully and shine out in all your glorious independence!

This does require a degree of urgency, starting now:

*Clear up and out all overdue, stagnant and seemingly endless dead old habits playing negative messages over and over in your head, which do play out as your life experiences.

It is NOW time!

*Start creating the new equations that bring in the knowing of your most valuable and unique self fulfillment!

In choosing the sacred perspective, money is again in its rightful place, in its origin as a sacred energy of abundance.

Amazing things can happen in 2019 for you!!! Let's get started together.