I'll begin my personal story by telling you what the first sparks were that began to form who I am.  It was the realization of my innate abilities of being a diplomatic type, an intuitive and an empath.  Alongside this, I am an only child of older parents, who was left to my own devices at an early age. These factors molded me into a self starter, a keen observer of people, situations and of the world.  It’s brought me to who I’ve now become. As a self starter, by 17 I was in Manhattan pursuing a professional modeling career and signed with one of the largest commercial agencies of the 1970's. By the 80's I dropped completely out of society and was immersed in the original punk scene movement, living in L.A. and S.F..

I’ve married twice, have two daughters and raised them as a single parent while, traveling and living throughout the U.S., Europe and New Zealand for over 11 years.

My life experiences have been my GREATEST teacher and I've learned more from them than my education provided.  My ongoing journey is one of self-fulfillment.  I've stretched myself beyond my limited understanding of reality and it was far from easy, romantic, or luxurious. I was not "rich" nor "highly successful".  I was on my own, outside my comfort zone and often outside my language zone. I got sick, healed myself and recovered completely.

Going through all of the experiences, difficult as it was at times, I began developing my skill sets in alternative modalities, medicine and spirituality. 

My areas of study are in:  Homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, metaphysical spirituality and EMF balancing. 

Other in-depth studies include:  Early childhood development and education, Anthroposophy, Jungian psychology, Feng Shui, yoga and yoga philosophy. I also began strengthening my talents as an artist and actress.

The understanding of my gifts as a master teacher, mentor and coach also became clear.  

It has taken years of studying combined with life experience, for me to reach the level and depth of coaching I'm now able to provide in the world. This is why, in part, you may want to take advantage and will greatly benefit from having me as your coach.

My goal is to guide you to firmly grasp hold of what is already you, a unique complete individual of authenticity and power.  And I support you to always choose the goal of self-fulfillment as your way of life.